Sentence Structure Practice: Creative Ways to Memorize Rules

Maintaining a consistent way of always ensuring that our sentence structures are 100% correct is something that most people are struggling to achieve. This is very simple but you have to do it the right way in other not to get lost along the lines. This is because it has been discovered that people struggle to come up with a perfect plan that will help them memorize rules which will always help them structure their sentences in the correct way. This post is going to be showing you everything that you need to know regarding how you can form your sentence structures using some proven rules and why it’s a good idea to use sentence structure tool.

Signs That Your Grammar Need Improvement

Most people don’t realize when their grammars need improvement. The worst part is that they go ahead making the same grammar mistakes time and again without knowing. What you are going to be discovering below are some of the signs which always serve as indicators that your grammar needs to be improved before your target audience.

Lack of feedback

This can be very frustrating most especially when you want to pass an important message across to group of persons. When your sentence structure is very poor, people will find it very difficult to comprehend what you are trying to tell them and this can bring about zero response to your instructions. A poorly structured sentence will always find it difficult to get the needed response as your audience will be struggling to understand what your message is all about.

Lack of easy flow

When your sentence is well structured, you will notice that you are not interrupted whenever you are speaking or writing. Even your audience won’t have any problem trying to understand what you are trying to communicate across to it. When your grammar is poor, there is always this unusual pause that you will be experiencing whenever you speak.

Lack of establishment of trust

One of the core benefits of a well-structured sentence is that it tends to establish trust between a writer or speaker and his audience. Whenever your audience doesn’t trust or believe in your intended message then know that you have not presented it in the most appropriate ways possible. You will start losing your trust when you fail to present your ideas in well-structured sentences.

Lack of awareness of the rules

This is one sure sign which most speakers and writers seem to always ignore. There are rules guiding how sentences should be structured. If you aren’t familiar with these rules or principles then you will always get it wrong when it comes to structuring your sentences the right way that they ought to. Without proper knowledge of these golden rules, you will struggle to send your message across in the way that you are supposed to.

Sentence Structure Activities That Will Help to Improve Your Writing

There are activities that can help you structure your sentences in a perfect and professional way. Being aware of these activities will help to improve your writings in a great way than you can ever imagine. Some of them will be highlighted below for your understanding.

  • Always practice to become perfect. Discovering the rules that can help you to structure your sentences in the right manner isn’t all that is required as you have to constantly practice what you have discovered in other to be perfect.
  • Always organize your thoughts in a piece of paper before the final writing so as to aid your flow.
  • Avoid those complex statements that will keep your audience guessing about what you are trying to say. This makes your sentences clumsy.
  • Always study advanced writers to see how they make use of words to send their messages across. This can help to cut down your learning process by over 50%.
  • Always activate your spell checker whenever you are making use of word processor.

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5 Websites That Can Help You Perfect Your Grammar

Most people get bored at the thought of practicing their sentence structures by themselves. This shouldn’t be so as there are websites that can make the process easy for you. This means that now you can have a better and improved command of English language with the help of these websites. They are listed below.

  1. myenglishpages.com – website that includes different activities for learning.
  2. grammar-monster.com – helps to identify a role of every part of speech.
  3. englishgrammar101.com – includes a wide range of rules and definitions.
  4. ego4u.com – helps to use different styles of writing properly.
  5. dailygrammar.com – include a lot of interesting exercises.

Creative Ways to Memorize the Main Sentence Structure Rules

It is very important that you have a proven plan which can always help to memorize structure rules whenever you have learnt them. This is because not having a plan could make you forget whatever you have learnt easily. Some of the creative ways to achieve this will be listed below.

  • Always ensure that you put what you have discovered to practice. This implies adopting the rules on a constant basis for them to become part of your subconscious.
  • Always write down whatever rule you have discovered in other not to easily forget it.
  • You can use it as a song. Although this may sound a bit weird but the impacts are just too obvious to be ignored. Just learn the rules and use them to form a simple song that you can easily remember.
  • Read the write-ups of advanced writers and see how they make use of the rules. This is an easier way to make references to such rules whenever the need may arise.

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Sentence Structure

Most speakers don’t pay attention to their sentence structures. As a result of this negative development, they tend to be making the same mistake over and over again without knowing.

Here is why you need to start keeping an eye on the structure of your sentences from this day.

  • It will enable you to always sound very professional before your audience.
  • It helps to ensure that your message is well understood by your target audience
  • It promotes trust and adds value to your credibility as a writer or speaker
  • It helps to ensure a fluent and effective communication

From the above, it can be seen that sentence structure rules aren’t difficult to become part of you once you have the right strategies in place.

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