Different Types of Sentence Structure: Rules to Learn

Your knowledge of the rules guiding sentence structure is a major determinant of whether you will have a great command over English language or not. This is because when you are able to structure your sentences in line with these rules, you will be able to strike a balance between speaking or writing a grammatically correct write – up and making an indelible impression on your audience. Most people feel that these rules are very difficult to understand let alone applying them. On the contrary, they are the simplest and can be mastered within a short space of time. Of course, you can use sentence fragment checker online, but sometimes you need to make a decision fast.

This is what you are going to be discovering in this post. It will be aiming to ensure that you are exposed in the most possible ways, to sentence structure and the golden rules that are guiding it. You are guaranteed that this is so easy that you will be a master at structuring your sentences the right way to convince your audience of any subject matter.

The truth is that the importance of having the right knowledge on how to structure your sentences the right way is not something that can be ignored. This is because not aware of these rules can really do you more harm than good.

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Why You Need to Have Your Grammar Knowledge Developed

The world is getting more advanced by the day and there is a lot of emphasis being laid on people ensuring that they are well-grounded in terms of their grammar knowledge. The unfortunate aspect is that there are lots of people that are still very ignorant as to why they need to start developing their grammar knowledge. If you are one of such people then it is important that you read the following subheadings below so as to get enlightened on why it is very important.

Better writer

Are you struggling to write in clear way that people can understand? Do you know that with a developed grammar skill this problem can be solved? When you have the needed knowledge on how you can fully develop your grammar then you will write in a better way. This is because you will have an awareness of the rules guiding proper sentence structuring and how to keep them.

Improved reading skills

Just as one of the problems of poor grammar is to make you audience struggle to understand what you are trying to say; that is how you will struggle to understand written statements. This can be very disastrous most especially when you are expected to act on a set of instructions. You will have the ability to understand written statements. It can be very embarrassing most times when you are interpreting something different from what is expect in a written statement.

Better thinking

This is another hidden benefit of grammar which most people are unaware of. Have you ever imagined how you will be able to think when you can understand the different parts of speech clearly? It makes you be at your best whenever trying to examine if statements are correct or not. Your ability to develop your grammar up to a standard level gives you an upper hand over others as you will become more creative in your thoughts.

Better and improved speech

Your speech becomes very boring whenever you can’t seem to structure your sentences the right way. It becomes very difficult and uninteresting for your audience. In a nutshell, you will be able to speak better when you have a well-developed grammar that meets the requirements of the modern day.

Different Types of Sentence Structure

There are four major types of sentence structures all of which will be listed and explained below.

  1. Simple sentence – This is a sentence that has one main clause in it
  2. Compound sentence – It contains more than one independent clause. Conjunctions are major used in bringing the clauses together
  3. Complex sentence – This contains two types of clauses which are independent clauses and subordinate clauses.
  4. Compound-complex sentence – This has more independent clauses (at least two) than subordinate clause (at least one). A subordinate clause doesn’t always express a complete statement.

Rules on How to Structure a Sentence

There are rules guiding proper sentence formation. This means that for you to know how to structure your sentences properly and send the right messages across; you will need to abide by some rules. Below are some of the rules that you need to take note of when structuring your sentences.

grammar rules adjectives

List of Words for Starting a Paragraph

When it comes to which words to be used, there people that are still finding it difficult in starting a paragraph that makes sense. Below are some of the words that you can use in commencing a paragraph.


Despite these criticisms






Notwithstanding such criticism


As we have seen

In contrast

Having considered



Having seen

In summary of the above, it is obvious that sentence structuring is a process that has rules which have to be followed to the latter. It can also be seen that the rules guiding sentence formation are much that one has to study them carefully in other for one to make the most impression on one’s audience.

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