7 Tips on How to Check Sentence Structure

You are saying, “I want to check my grammar online.” It used to be a dream, but not now because there are tools to rely on when it comes to detecting mistakes in sentences.

Before that though, let’s talk about ways on how to detect errors in your sentences with the following top 7 tips and check sentence structure quite easily.

How to Check Sentence Structure: Seven Steps

  1. Remember that a sentence contains a subject and a predicate. If you don’t see one of these missing in your sentence, then you may want to rewrite and complete it.
  2. What is a sentence structure? According to experts at check my grammar online, know that the sentence structure is the way you are arranging the components of your sentence, in a grammatically correct way.
  3. Learn about the simple sentence—this contains only one independent clause, meaning that a subject is followed by a verb phrase or a verb. It also means that your sentence contains only one idea.
  4. Find out what a compound sentence is. To grammar check this sentence, you should see to it that it has two independent clauses. They are usually connected by a linking word or a coordinating conjunction—or, so, but, yet, however. Remember that every sentence can stand alone even without the linking word.
  5. Check for complex sentence. By learning of the types of sentences, you will be able to detect if you are committing run-on sentence mistakes or other errors in the structure. Next is the complex type of sentence. This is composed of an independent clause and at least a dependent clause.
  6. Are you using the compound-complex sentence? Check my writing tool can help in checking this sentence, which contains at least three clauses—a dependent clause and two independent clauses.
  7. To be able to check sentence grammar, practice and learn more about the functions and structures of these sentences so that you can master the composition of each type.

Tips to Check Grammar and Sentence Structure Free Online

how to check sentence structure

  1. Check grammar and sentence structure free online without any hassle! All you need to do is to head over the site and see for proper structure of your sentences. You can do that by copying and pasting your text onto the box, or typing your sentences directly onto it. When done, you can start submitting the text by pressing the button to do that. Wait for a few seconds and results will be returned to you.
  2. Practice grammar and writing. You can write on a journal about your daily experiences in grammar; in the process, you can see those areas you are progressing and which areas you need more practice with. By having a journal, you can also take down notes of new vocabularies and spelling you have learned.
  3. Take online quizzes. These are often free online resources that can help in improving your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

There you have the seven tips to know on how to correct sentence structure as well as a couple of good practices that can improve your English writing. Make English writing a daily habit and eventually improve what you already know.

Learn how to check sentence structure today!

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