Main Types of Sentence Structure

What are the types of types of sentence structure? One of the main aspects of the English grammar that people find confusing is the use of the correct sentence structure. In case you don’t know yet, there are four basic types of sentence structures to make use of depending on your purpose and your sentence. If you want to check sentence structure, go on reading.

Sentence Structure Types

  1. Simple sentence is the most basic and easiest to understand because it does not require you to write a long sentence to come up with it. This type of sentence only includes one independent clause—or a subject followed by a verb phrase or a simple verb. Example: Jack is dancing.
  2. Compound sentence is one of the sentence structure types to learn about and to apply when needed. It comes with two independent clauses joined by a linking word—so, yet, but, or… Remember, every independent clause here can stand as one sentence even without the other. They are two sentences combined into one, so don’t be confused with it. Example: I am late, but I am going to catch up I promise.
  3. Complex sentence is only one of the types of sentences by structure that is also common to use. It comes with only one independent clause and has one or more dependent clauses. Remember, a dependent clause cannot stand by itself, so it needs the independent clause to have a meaning and to become a part of a sentence. Example: I am happy, even if my wife left me.

Compound complex is one of the types of sentences by structure to learn so that you don’t become confused and that you can use it properly. This type of structure contains at least three clauses. It comes with two independent clauses and an average of one dependent clause. Example: I am happy, even if my wife left me, but my heart is still looking for that perfect one who may be out there for me.

types of sentence structure

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By learning of these types of structures of sentences, you will have the chance to make use of them properly. Review these types and apply which one is suitable depending on the thought you are conveying and on the kind of sentence you want to use.

Use the types of sentence structures correctly!

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