Sentence Structure in English – Major Rules

Just like in any industries and fields, English also comes with sets of rules, especially in terms of sentence structure in English. This is one of the most complicated yet rewarding areas of English that can help you convey your thoughts better without any hassles at all. When it comes to structures in English, it would help if you would learn of some tips that can put you in the right path, so start and see the following on the rules to remember when writing with the different sentence structures.

English Grammar Sentence Structure

  1. Remember, a simple sentence comes with only one independent clause. It has only one subject followed by a verb or a verb phrase. One needs not be short though. It can also be composed of multiple words to describe one single object or person. Example: You delighted me with your great sense of humor and wit.
  2. When writing a compound sentence, make sure that you are joining the two independent clauses with the proper linking word (but, or, so, yet, however) to avoid run on sentences. Example: Joan is fabulous, but she is fierce. Take note, there are two subjects and two verb phrases in the compound sentence.
  3. Remember, a complex sentence is composed of an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses, clause that cannot stand by itself as a sentence. Example for this sentence structure English: Jaycee, a business owner, dedicates much of his time improving his sales.
  4. Another rule to remember is when writing with the English grammar sentence structure of the compound-complex type. When writing with this structure, make sure that you have two independent clauses and you have one or more dependent clauses. Example: I am happy even if I am single, but I also want to meet the right one for me in the future.
sentence structure in english

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There you have the major rules in English grammar sentence structure that you have to remember to avoid the mistakes when using each of them. But to ensure you are doing it right, you may want to read your text aloud, spot your errors and be ready to revise your paper when needed. If you need to learn more about types of sentence structure, then go on reading.

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