How to Avoid Mistakes with Our Sentence Fixer

To perform a grammar check, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the common mistakes in writing; in the process, you will learn what to avoid and how to fix errors if you spot them in your sentence. See the following for the most common mistakes and how to get rid of them. Later, learn how to use our free sentence checker that will aid in spotting English writing mistakes and polishing your paper.

Sentence Fixer: Mistakes and How to Avoid

1. Misplaced apostrophes in the sentence

Some people use it to create the plural form if the word ends in a vowel. To correct it, you only use an apostrophe when you’re highlighting possession, a belonging to someone or something else. In addition, you only use it when indicating a contracted word, ‘do not (don’t).

2. Wrong usage of your, you’re

If there is hall of fame in grammar mistakes, this can probably be one of them. Many people interchange the use of each of these. They are homophones, which sound the same but mean differently.

To fix it, you only use ‘your’ when you want to highlight possession, when something belongs to you. On the other hand is ‘you’re’ that should only be used when combining ‘you are.’ For example, “You’re lovely.” For ‘your,’ “Your bag is in the closet.”

3. Incorrect usage of it’s and its

This is another common mistake in the English language, and they are also often interchanged by people that do not know which to use in a sentence.

To avoid it, you should use ‘its’ when highlighting possession. For example, “Its fur is yellow.” On the other hand is “it is (it’s), which should only be used to combine ‘it’ and ‘is.’ So when you are indicating possession, use ‘its’ and ‘it is’ when highlighting the contraction of ‘it is.’

4. Wrong use of their, there, they’re

This is another example of a homophone, wherein the words sound the same, but they do not have the same meaning and usage in the sentence.

To correct, only use ‘there’ when you’re referring to a place that is not here, or to state something, such as “There is no food left on the table.” On the other hand, use ‘their’ to show possession—something belongs to them and not to you. And then, remember that ‘they’re’ is only a contraction for ‘they are.’

5. Fewer and less

This is also interchanged by many people because they’re confused which to use in a specific sentence or situation.

To fix it, remember that you only use ‘fewer’ when you can count the items individually (count nouns), while the use of ‘less’ often refers to a commodity, like water—you cannot count it individually.

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How Our Corrector Can Fix This Sentence

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