Grammar Mistakes You Can Avoid

To lots of people around the world, the problem of not speaking correct grammar is a major nightmare which doesn’t seem to have any solution. There is absolutely no doubt that your ability to speak correct grammar gives you an edge over others in your field. This is because it will help you to sound professional before your target audience. Sentence fragment corrector, in this case, will not fix your writing totally.

This post will be aiming to show you some basic grammar mistakes that you can avoid today. Discovering these mistakes will help you to know how to structure your grammar properly whenever you are speaking in public.

Why Proper Sentence Structure Is Important

You may not be making the needed attempt to ensure that your sentences are properly structured due to the fact that you are not aware of why such is very important. The following subheadings will be highlighting some of the top reasons why you need to start paying attention to sentence checking today.

Better feedback

Do you have a team or group of person that you lead? It has been discovered that whenever you communicate using proper sentence structure there tends to be better feedback as compared to when your sentence isn’t properly structured. This is because it all depends on the extent to which they understand the message that you are trying to send across to them. In the business environment, this can help to boost productivity as team members may be greatly relying on guidelines that have been written down.

Easy to read

When your sentence is well structured in the way that it ought to, you will notice that your target audience isn’t struggling to get a grasp of the message you are trying to send across to it. A poorly organized sentence structure has a way of halting the flow of a message when it is being read. Whenever this happens, you will notice that it will take longer before your message will be read and understood. What a well-structured sentence does is that it makes reading to be easier and fun-filled.

High degree of professionalism

A properly structure sentence can make you appear like a professional before your audience. It has been discovered that one of the things being looked at by recruiters is your command of English language. You will be able to convince them that you have a better understanding of the subject matter which you are discussing about. When your grammar structure is correct and of high standard you tend to be held in high esteem by your audience.

Good reputation

This is also another reason why you need to start structuring your grammar in a way that it is always 100% correct. This is because employers tend to be more comfortable with persons that know how to structure their sentences. In a nutshell, it can help to ensure that there is the establishment of credibility as well as trust amongst business people.

Ways to Check Your Writing

There are people that are always confident of what they have written down. This is even bad that most times they don’t want to bother checking what they have written to see if such is grammatically correct. This can do you more harm than good.

grammar rules about capitalization

Below are some of the strategies that you can adopt to check your writing if your sentence structures are correct.

  • Learn to edit over and over again until you are convinced it is correct and flawless in terms of mistakes.
  • Proofreading can help to ensure that grammatical errors are filtered out to make your write – up sound more professional
  • Use a third party to have it edited.
  • Always edit whenever you are feeling fresh. This makes you to be very creative as you can easily spot errors as compared to when you are tired.
  • Use grammar checking tools online to check how accurate your sentence structures are. There are free and paid tools that can help you out on this.
  • Use your word processor grammar checker

5 Worst Grammar Mistakes You Can Avoid

When it comes to making mistakes, there are some that you can be pardoned while there are others that your audience may not want to give you another chance. Below is a list of some of the worst grammar mistakes that people make every now and then. Discover them and device means of avoiding them.

  1. When the apostrophe gets missing in a statement such as this: the girls is very unorganized. Should be girl’s.
  2. The wrong use of “myself” in place of “I”. For instance: john and i will attend the meeting tomorrow.
  3. Using the “who” instead of “whom” such as in this statement: I met a woman in Huston who I helped with some money.
  4. Wrong use of singular and plural verb such as: there is 10 men in the house.
  5. Making incomplete comparisons such as: our house is bigger

How to Improve on Your Mistakes

There are lots of ways to improve on your mistakes. While some are effective others aren’t. Below are some of the most trusted and proven ways that you can have a perfect sentence structure.

  • Be conscious of the English that you speak. This can help you to know whenever you are making mistake.
  • Be consistent in speaking English. The more consistent you are, the better command you will have over the language
  • Study and abide by the rules whenever you are writing to an audience
  • Always avoid being extravagance in your choice of words. In other words, speak simple and correct English rather than trying to impress by making complex statements in your write-ups.

What Is the Basic Sentence Structure

This is more like a formula that will help you to speak simple and correct English. This is always based on five principles which are:

  1. Subject + Verb = Janet cries
  2. Subject + Verb + Object = Janet won the game
  3. Subject + Verb + Adjective = Janet is strong
  4. Subject + Verb + Adverb = Janet is here
  5. Subject + Verb + Noun = Janet is my friend

It should be noted that the basic sentence structure which most statements are built on is the first one which is the subject + verb. What you will be required to do to always get it right is to know when to make use of singular subject and singular verbs and vice versa.

In conclusion of the above, it is very obvious that a proper sentence structure isn’t difficult to form once you master the process.

You can improve your grammar today with the simple help of a program that corrects grammar mistakes automatically.

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