Correct Structure of Sentences

What is the correct structure of sentences? Actually, there are four types of sentence structures to choose from and make use of when writing your essay, report or paper. Below are things on what you need to know about these structures as well as some tips you may want to make use of for ensuring you are writing with perfect grammar.

Correct Structure of Sentences: The Four Types of Sentences

  1. Simple sentence: A type that does not need to be long or short, a simple sentence contains an independent clause followed by a simple verb or a verb phrase.
  2. Compound sentence: This is the type with two independent clauses that is joined or combined by a linking word, including but, so, and, yet, or… Each of the independent clauses can stand alone as one sentence.
  3. Another structure of sentence is the complex sentence that has one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses, a type of clause that cannot be a sentence by itself because it has an incomplete thought.
  4. Compound complex is another type of structure to remember. It has at least three clauses, one being an independent clause and the rest are dependent clauses.

Tips to Correct Structure of Sentences

  1. Identify and define sentence structure to learn of a specific structure to use.
  2. Always lead using your main idea.
  3. Make use of varying sentences length. You don’t have to use simple sentences throughout your essay, as it won’t do your work any good. Try to combine sentences, which can be joined with a linking word, for instance.
  4. Put the keyword in the beginning or end of your sentence.
  5. Avoid passive voice, but use the active voice.
  6. Use specific verbs and nouns to deliver your message across clearly.
  7. Cut any clutter in your sentences.
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There you have our tips on how to correct structure of sentences as well as how to check sentence structure online. Study your options well and figure out the right sentences to use depending on your purpose and the structure of your essay.

Finally, feel free using the best tool to check structure of sentence today!

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