The Most Useful Guide to Fragment Sentence Check

Before we go further, let us define what a sentence fragment is. Briefly, one is an incomplete sentence; sometimes, it is a set of words or a phrase that has been disconnected from the main clause. To learn more about sentence structure and fragments, keep reading and discover how to avoid this problem in writing today.
Fragment Sentence Check

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How to Avoid Fragments and What Is a Good Sentence Length

See to it that your average sentence length is 15 to 20 words, 75-100 characters or 25-33 syllables. So what is an ideal sentence length?

  1. Scientific manuscript sentences should be 12 to 17 words.
  2. Peer-reviewed literature sentences should be between 25 to 30 words.
  3. Modern English sentences must have 12 words.
  4. Sentence fragment is usually between 1 to 5 words.

Comparing a Sentence Fragment & a Sentence

Sentence Fragments

  • Has an incomplete construction that tries to be alone
  • Is pretending to be a sentence but is not
  • Often occurs in an unnecessary break in a sentence

Complete Sentence

  • Has a subject and a predicate
  • A logically complete idea that conveys information

What Are the Most Common Types of Fragments?

  • Subordinate clause fragments
  • Participle phrase fragments
  • Infinitive phrase fragments
  • Afterthought fragments
  • Lonely verb fragments
  • Appositive fragments

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