Humorous Grammar Rules

One of the most important aspects or areas of the English language is grammar, but may not always be the easiest for people. No matter how serious, grammar can also be humorous (but educational). You can check out below for a list of grammar rules, presented in a non-conventional, funny way.

Humorous Grammar Rules

  1. Verbs HAS to agree with their subjects.
  2. And don’t start a sentence with a conjunction.
  3. It is wrong TO ever split an infinitive.
  4. Also, too, never, ever use repetitive redundancies endlessly over and over again.
  5. Avoid excessive use of ampersands & abbrevs, etc.
  6. Also, always avoid annoying alliteration.
  7. Be more or less specific.
  8. Avoid clichés like the plague. (They’re old hat.)
  9. Contractions aren’t always necessary and shouldn’t be used to excess so don’t.
  10. Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are (usually) unnecessary.
  11. Foreign words and phrases are not always apropos.
  12. All generalizations are bad.
  13. Comparisons are as bad as clichés.
  14. Eliminate commas, that are, not necessary. Parenthetical words, however, should be enclosed in commas.
  15. Don’t overuse exclamation points.
  16. Analogies in writing are like feathers on a snake (Unless they are as good as gold).

humorous grammar rules

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